Another Puppet for Love!

Love will Make America America, Again!


You not only voted in droves on Nov. 7, 2017, you voted love. YOU did this!! And we are so very, very grateful.


Get Out The Vote 2017

The puppets continue to believe in love, they always will. And they continue to support love over hate, only with love can good prevail. We can Make America America, Again! We need your help. After all, we’re puppets, we can’t do it alone!

What can you do? Vote! You can vote! You MUST vote! Yes, it’s really that important. Please?!?!

If you aren't voting, and you aren't encouraging all of your friends and everyone you know to vote, then you are part of the problem. And we KNOW you can be the solution. We do!!

Any Questions?

Q:  I am too depressed to participate in the political system.

A:  People have ENGINEERED the social media to make you feel like that.  Much of the evil out there has always existed and has been selectively revealed to make you feel powerless. It’s that we are being inundated, always. Everywhere! Put that to use. Vote!

Q:  I can't change anybody's mind.

A:  Don't try to change anybody's mind. Just love. Vote!

Q: I can't keep up with all of the political horrors.  It takes too much time.

A: Read "", it takes 3 minutes, and you are good to go. We even made that a link for you! Vote!

Q: I can't tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.

A: Look closer, and be pragmatic. You will see a difference. The difference is, well... enormous. Vote!

Q: Politics makes me feel creeped out.

A: A better world will make you feel excited and alive. Love first. Worry later! Vote!

Do you have questions we didn’t think of? Email us! We will either respond directly, or add your question here.

Love always wins. It. Does. And you can make sure it does: Vote!

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