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Another Puppet for Love!

Love will Make America Great Again!

We support love all the time, and especially during this campaign season!

That’s the purpose of our PuppetPAC - supporting those candidates who share our vision of love and positive energy. To paraphrase Mother Teresa, we’re doing small things with great love. It’s way better than wringing our hands!

Thanks to a giant grant from a totally important philanthropic private rich-guy, the PuppetPac has already raised a whopping $75! This massive influx of funding will be directed only to the most worthy of political campaigns currently fighting the good fight. We expect it to be a game-changer. It will be huge!

We are carefully studying the political scene to determine which campaign (maybe several!) is most worthy of receiving support from the PuppetPac. We invite you to email your suggestions (though we don't plan on listening to them) and will soon post the lucky campaign(s), and maybe those you should consider donating to, also!

Another puppet making a difference! Another puppet for love!!

The Announcement!

The puppets scrounged around in their pockets and under the seat cushions and even behind their ears, and discovered an additional $5! The puppets are ready to announce the candidates they are supporting financially:

PuppetPac announces their giant donation to the New Hampshire Senate campaign for Maggie Hassan. Puppets like dogs, and puppets like sweets and sweet things. Maggie Hassan has a dog named "Honey Mae", this is the best of both worlds. Honey and dogs are definite good predictors of love in the world. AND... puppets are especially fond of double letters, and Maggie Hassan has TWO sets of double letters! That’s why she goes first.

PuppetPac announces a huge donation to the Senate campaign for Deborah Ross in North Carolina.  Deborah has worked for the regional transportation authority GoTriangle. Puppets are always fascinated by triangles. In a world with so many squares, puppets believe that triangles are special and magical, and could (in fact) lead to love.

PuppetPac announces another really big donation to Katie McGinty who is running for Senate in Pennsylvania. Katie grew up as the 9th of 10 children in Northeast Philadelphia. Puppets recognize Northeast Philadelphia as a wonderful and magical place to play ice hockey. Puppets love ice hockey,  especially the infamous aroma of it!

PuppetPac announces a gigantic donation to the Senate campaign of Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada. Catherine has a long history of fighting human sex trafficking. Puppets uniquely understand that sexuality is the key to enlightenment and that trafficking is the final death-blow to spiritual advancement. Puppets themselves have abolished this practice and look forward to humans doing so as well.


The puppets are always about love and positive energy, even when it seems difficult to find it within, and so they say this:

“We don’t agree with what Donald Trump says and does, he is selfish and cruel to almost everyone he comes in contact with. We think he is completely unqualified to hold office or control any power whatsoever, and view him as self-delusional to the point of being somewhat comical. (And puppets know all about comedy!) He comes across as the antithesis of love.

Still, the sight of a human being skidding to rock-bottom in such a terribly public way causes us to want to send out love and positive energy to him. Love trumps hate... love even trumps trump.”

Puppets are like that. Love can see things in ways that seem crazy sometimes.

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