Another Puppet for Love!

Love will ALWAYS Keep America Great!

Midterm Elections, 2018 - you don’t want to miss this page!

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Another PuppetPac music video!!

The Puppets have been busy!! We regularly post on our Facebook page and we have a YouTube channel, too! (Puppets are all about being social, the media part makes sense!)

We are continuing, always, to urge people to vote. To always vote, every election. And to always Vote Love!

The Puppets continue to share this wonderful Christmas song and video

filled with love and inspiration, with you:

We support and believe in love, and kindness, and fairness, and equality, and all things good and wonderful. Always. Always have, always will. It’s just what puppets do. With love, all things are possible.

To that end, we think our political climate needs extra love, extra vigilance, extra inspiration. And we’re going to do what we can, to reach and remind people that voting is crucial. Supporting those people who exhibit positive energy is crucial. As is supporting causes that focus on inclusion, and love and light. Positive energy and love will prevail.

On occasion, we get gigantic grants from an incredibly important, philanthropic private rich-guy. (We do not accept funds from anyone else, ever.)

What we want from you is... do good things. Share our vision. Vote. Yeah, we definitely want you to vote. And be safe and well and happy - we know voting helps achieve these great things! Voting may feel like it is just a little blip, and that’s okay, because it’s a reallyreally important blip. Add all these tiny little blips together, and, well, it’s enough to make a puppet overflow with hope and gratitude. 

We will check in now and again when there is something to share, and to remind ourselves... Love always wins. It. Does.

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Midterm Elections, 2018

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