Another Puppet for Love!

Love will (still) Make America Great Again!

Since The World Ended...

The puppets took it on the chin. Two of their four endorsements won their seats. Maybe the PuppetPac  helped. The two that didn’t, maybe that bit of support helped in some way. We hope it did.

The puppets continue to believe in love, they always will. And they continue to support love over hate, only with love can good prevail. The puppets are digging deep, and sending love in all directions, and hoping that what appears will be an extremely bumpy ride ends up strongly, decidedly, okay, thanks to love.

To that extent, and with that hope, the puppets share this video with you. It’s a reminder of love, a reminder of acceptance, a reminder that we are all, all, one and the same.

We will check in now and again when there is something to share, and to remind ourselves... Love always wins. It. Does.

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