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Midterm Elections, 2018

If only 45-50% of those eligible voted, it would be closing in on midterm records set in 1970 when 47% voted, and 1966 when 49% voted. We can beat this! We. Can! But not without your help. Vote. Vote. VOTE! Please, get everyone you know to vote, it’s really that important. Lives depend on it. The future depends on it. If we all vote, and get everyone to vote, we can change the world! Let’s break the records with astounding numbers. Let’s do this!! VOTE! And always, always, Vote Love!!

We were going to add to our reasons why you should vote, but someone else did it for us:

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Midterms 2018 may be the most important election, ever. EVER! It is so important that you vote, that you urge everyone you know to vote, that you do everything you can to help others to vote. We’ve been hearing that 9 states, NINE! have been purging voter rolls. We believe in urging, not purging!! PLEASE check to make sure you are registered, and check regularly. There are many places to get information and check that you are registered, one that we like is:  Their goal is 100% voter turnout, something The Puppets definitely support!

“In reality, there is no such thing as not voting: you either vote by voting, or you vote by staying home and tacitly doubling the value of some diehard’s vote.” ~David Foster Wallace

Don’t count on someone else, vote directly, vote for your choice! And always, always Vote Love!

EVERY vote matters, each and every one! It may feel that yours doesn’t, but... too many times, elections are “too close to call” - one election a year ago was separated by one vote. ONE! EEEK!

We know how exhausting this whole political climate is, it is for Puppets, too. We suggest you read our suggestions from 2017, it all still applies, even more so.

We. Can. Do. This! With your help, with your vote, We CAN! VOTE! VOTE LOVE!!

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